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SCCM Microsoft Update Error Code States

When deploying Microsoft updates with System Center Configuration Manager sometimes you may get error codes for a particular update.  I found it difficult to find a complete list of the error codes and their meaning on the web, then I realized that they are located in a report in SCCM.  To look at the report, open your SCCM reporting page in your browser and go to: Software Updates – C. Deployment States, States 7 – Error status Messages for a computer <Secondary>, you will see the  screen shot below and the list below.  This report would be better if the Computer Name field was not required.  Then you could search all computers with a specific error code and have it display which update was causing it.  Also, you could see patterns for a particular update. Maybe that report already exists, but I haven’t found it…
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11423                    Software Updates Scan Agent                   Scan Failed

11424                    Software Updates Scan Agent                   Update Source Registration Failed

11426                    Software Updates Scan Agent                   Scan Succeeded with some extended Scan errors
 11706                    Software Updates Installation Agent      Failed to download contents for this update

11708                    Software Updates Installation Agent      This update application failed

11713                    Software Updates Installation Agent      SMS internal error occurred for this update

11714                    Software Updates Installation Agent      Bundle update failed to get content for this                                     update

11751                    Software Updates Installation Agent      Updates failures occurred during enforcement                                 of this assignment

11752                    Software Updates Installation Agent      Some updates are still non-compliant after                                         enforcemet completion of  this assignment

11756                    Software Updates Installation Agent      Updates evaluation job completed with failure                                 for this assignment

11759                    Software Updates Installation Agent      Updates advance download job completed                                     with failure for Assignment
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